At Dynamic Safety, we will continue to manufacture and assemble asmuch of our product offering as possible in North Americato provide jobs for North Americans and to keep our economy strong. We manufacture / assemble the following product categories in North America:

  • Head Protection: We mold and assemble our 11 models of hard hats. In addition, we have all the necessary testing equipment to ensure every batch of production meets and exceeds the required standards. We also pad print all the logos with our state of the art machines and even print our lamination style hats in-house.
  • Fall Protection: We manufacture and assemble all of our soft goods. Many of our employees in our manufacturing unit have been producing fall protection equipment for several years. Again, we test each batch of production and ensure the highest of quality.
  • First Aid: We assemble all of our first aid kits. In addition, we also manufacture some of the components as well as our eyewash panels.
  • Eye protection (Face shields and headgear):We pad print our own eyewear as well manufacture and assemble our own face shields and headgear.
  • Ear muffs (coming soon): In the next few months, we will be assembling a full line of ear muffs. Check back for more details on these top of the line hearing products.

We believe in manufacturing PPE locally. Some of the benefits of local manufacturing are:

  • Local jobs: We strongly believe in the value of hiring either US or Canada citizens for honest and fair work. The jobs trickle down the entire process stream - from the actual manufacturing of our products, to the local manufacturers of the raw material components, to the certification companies, even to the shipping companies. Whenever we sell a product that we have manufactured, we are excited and humbled by the effect it has on our economies.
  • Delivering to the customer: Local manufacturing allows customers to be flexible with their purchasing and avoid excessive minimum order quantities, long lead times, and exorbitant shipping costs.
  • Customer service: A North American manufacturer will provide North American customer service. When it comes to customer service, we know that there is no substitute to speaking to a person who will be able to understand the issue and address it quickly and correctly.
  • Quality control: When it comes to manufacturing, safety always comes first. Being in the safety industry, we know this better than anyone. Whether it is the safety requirements for our workers, or the integrity of any of our products, we can rest assured that we are held to the highest of standards in the world.
  • Environmental benefits: Local shipping = less burden on the natural resources used for shipping goods across the globe.
  • Local taxes:we pay local taxes and those taxes benefit everything from schools to road construction, and even our military.